Sustainable Development Goals -
Impact for your company and VET Mobility

Everybody speaks about sustainability. But what does this mean for your company and VET?

This is what the Erasmus+ project "Scouts4GreenApp" sets out to do over a period of three years. It anchors ecological, economic and social sustainability in vocational education and training and qualifies and sensitizes participants of learning mobilities.

It helps understand the implications of the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations in 2019, derives learnings and a curriculum from them, turns it into a fun app for on the go learning and encourages and supports the development of sustainable projects in an international cooperation.

From understanding the Sustainable Development Goals to specific projects in companies!

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Go abroad for a learning mobility and act for sustainability

Sustainability becomes more and more important and needs the youth to support it. VET learners as experts of tomorrow and ambassadors for sustainability are at the heart of this project. 

The next time you search for low fares think about how your flight choice can affect our climate. But don't stop there, sustainability means so much more than just green travel. 

We would want the students to think about not just travelling by land, to the destination that they’re going to,
but to choose their living spaces sustainably, to choose their lifestyle, and their food choices sustainably there.
said Mika Saarinen, Director of Finland’s Erasmus+ agency...that´s our mission in the Scouts4GreenApp Project !

The UNESCO World Conference 2021 on Education for Sustainable Development in Berlin was under the headline: "Learn for our planet. Act for sustainability".

From this slogan we have transferred our vision “Go abroad for a learning mobility, act for sustainability"



Download your Scouts4GreenApp
is our progressive web app for learners & staff in Green Vocational Eduaction & Training. 

Through internships abroad, they transport knowledge in both directions and enable the implementation of sustainability in all its facets. The aim is to prepare learners for a sustainable labour market.

Learn on the go what you need to know about ecological, social and environmental sustainability. 

Take it along every step of the way, before, during and after your mobility – or just anytime you feel like testing your knowledge and playing a little sustainability game.

The app acts as a digital, web-based training tool, which the VET learners and staff carry in their pocket during the mobility and the entire WBL.

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Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success ! 

For more than 10 years, our European partnership has supported international mobility activities for VET learners and VET staff .

Our practical experiences with over 1000 VET learners showcases a positive impact on their personal development, as their mobility impacts their engagement in society as an active citizen as well as social, civic and democratic participation.

Sustainable development is more and more an integral part of this personal development (soft skills) of recognised learning outcomes in our VET mobilities. 

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