About us


The coordinator IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH is the subsidiary company and VET provider of the Chamber of Commerce of Frankfurt on Oder and is in charge of promoting and implementing the dual VET system in Germany by leading VET-Business networks.

Auxilium pro Regionibus Europae in Rebus Culturalibus was founded in 2004 as a non-profit association for the promotion of education and culture in a Europe of the regions in Graz, Austria.

CEPROF - Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional is the owner of Escola Profissional de Espinho, a VET school, and it was created in 1990. Its vocation is the promotion of school centres and vocational schools. It aims to contribute to the personal and professional skills of learners, preparing them to the job market. It promotes the approach between schools and enterprises and provides learning opportunities according to local and national needs.

Šolski center Nova Gorica (ŠC NG) is one of the biggest vocational educational and training centres in Slovenia, counting more than 3000 learners. ŠC NG is listed as one of the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) that are developing into an important component of EU VET policy.

Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl (IHF) is an education/training provider and a think tank established in Brussels in 2003 as a Not-for-profit organisation to promote awareness and mainstream European values towards diverse audiences: young people, business community and academia, as well as social partners like associations and public administration.

Innoventum Oy is a creative business founded in 2001. It has considerable experience in developing easy-to-use web-based applications for purposes ranging from e-learning to online shopping and live video streaming and has built a reputation for excellence in intuitive design both in Finland and throughout Europe